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Hardboard Siding

We at Masonite Siding Guys use hardboard siding used for exterior siding at homes. It is a type of hardboard made of wood. The hardboard siding can be used for many applications such as roofing, walls, doors and also it can be used in the desktops. Most clients choose the Masonite Siding Guys for its low cost and best quality material which can be sided in an attractive manner. You can contact us through 888-423-1117 to get more information about the siding.


Stronger adhesive

At Masonite Siding Guys we apply strong adhesive. If swelling, cracking occurs then house siding is preferred. The best finish gives complete satisfaction to customers which helps us to retain our valued customers. A fine texture is obtained with the help of wax, resins and glue. Under specific industrial process the heat and pressure are combined together and at the final stage a smooth and the wood finished product is obtained. Because of its stronger adhesive the siding material can be installed in a better way. Due to its stronger adhesiveness it can be used in the cake boards, musical instruments such as guitar.



We at Masonite Siding Guys offer better siding products and it is free from expensive maintenance of the woodden products. It is made by mixing wood fibers and also the mixture of wax and resins. In the manufacturing process trees are included and it is considered as the effective green building. The weight is been distributed equally and in all the sides the construction gets better strength. At Masonite Siding Guys the sidings are protected from the external hazards and also from worst weather conditions. When it is exposed to elements it gets swells and then it is used for the eternal siding purpose.

You can reach us through 888-423-1117 to gather more information about the siding.


At Masonite Siding Guys we give the texture in a beautiful manner. The sidings are available in variety of colors with different kinds of textures. For instance, at Masonite Siding Guys we have sidingd available up to 7/16 inches. And the panel siding width is of 4 feet. For different kinds of users different kinds of finishes are available. Suitable paints are also preferred to maintain the sidings in a better manner. Fusion takes place and perfect bonding occurs in the siding. Customers prefer this siding because it is trouble free. Call us now at 888-423-1117 to know about the different variety of textures and colors available for siding purpose.

Masonite Siding Guys inventory

Masonite Siding Guys manages the high level inventory of fine quality. The damaged materials are replaced instantly and there wont be any scope for delay. Many customers have claimed the Masonite hardboard since it is easy to install and cost effective. The backup units are available in a ready manner.

You can reach us through 888-423-1117 to get more information about various kinds of plans and packages so that the siding for your house can be done in the most appropriate way.

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